Life + Body Balance

Owner: Hillary

Services: Cryotherapy, Accountability Coaching, Personal Training, Balance by Hillary program, and Theragun.

Phone: 225-436-3820


Hillary started her career after college in the spa industry with one of the most recognized International spa brands. She focused mainly on training overall business operation standards including things like retention, white glove customer service, reporting, and goal projections to increase annual growth. After a few notable achievements and many years of formal training, Hillary decided to branch out and start her own consulting firm. Now opening up to a more broad clientele, Hillary was able to visit places all over the globe learning less formal, but still luxurious forms of spas that included alternative techniques, therapies, and holistic practices. After a few years of travels, Hillary received an offer for an extended contract in South Florida over seeing spas from Palm Beach to Miami. While allowing more stability, Hillary rooted herself in West Palm Beach and began her own personal transformation into a more Balanced Life+Body. Hillary has now successfully lost and kept off over 130 lbs naturally! The three foundations of this patent-pending program were extensive food industry research and development, understanding the body more and get it moving, and lastly the science behind active recovery via cryotherapy!

Hillary has now owned and sold her gym and cryotherapy studio in South Florida and is back home in Baton Rouge. She said, “of course I miss West Palm, it was paradise, but no VIP clientele or fast pace lifestyle could cure my homesickness”. After some heavy pressing, she admitted to some big-name clients ranging from athletes, a very famous motivational speaker, and two politicians. Outside of work, you can typically find Hillary with her black lab, Annie, in tow running errands or out with friends and family. If you are interested in living your best life and feeling phenomenal while doing so, sign up for a consultation with Hillary today! And if you are just wanting to give cryotherapy a try to learn about and experience all of its great benefits, Hillary will be happy to run you a session! Qualified, refined, and a friendly face, Hillary is your girl!


18303 Old Perkins Rd E, Unit 118
Baton Rouge, LA 70810