About Us

Make it your own with MERA

There comes a time to enjoy your success and branch out, exploring the freedom of owning your own salon, spa, or wellness suite. The Mera business model paves an affordable and safe way to open your own luxury suite without all the risks, overhead, and expenses. Suites are private and each professional makes their own schedule, appointments, and pricing, and has 100 percent ownership of their business.


How is Mera different from other salon suites?
Mera is Louisiana’s first luxury salon and spa suite and has been in business since 2018. We strive to give beauty and wellness professionals support, community, and a beautiful space to “Make it their own.” We offer a high-end facility with a concierge team to make you and your client’s experience the best in class.

“Mera makes it easy for you to take the next step in your career.”


Make it your own with MERA

After years of being in commercial and residential real estate, I decided to open the doors of Mera in 2018. My passion has always been to mentor others and what a better way than to open a luxury salon and spa suite where I can mentor and help others reach their full potential of owning their own business. The beauty and wellness industry has grown tremendously over the last ten years. Everyone wants to be their own boss but many do not know where to start. My commitment to supporting that growth became my driving force behind the vision of Mera. I wanted to give suite owners a community where professionals could experience that next-level challenge while raising the bar for the industry as well as have more control over their earning potential and careers.

Blair Clouatre, Owner of Mera Salon and Spa Suites